The Sad and Lonely Truth


If you are anything like me, you associate yourself with people who are in love with Disney just like you. Your social media is drowning with everything Disney (and you wonder why you can never get it out of your head!). For me, I am in a group page where a bunch of Disney addicts can post freely about anything and everything Disney.

One of the constant things that always appears are people’s countdowns until their next Disney trip. As happy and excited as I am for them, it can be a sad moment when you have no Disney trip countdown. After a while, it appears that everyone is having a Disney vacation except you!

It is almost like waiting for your dream prince to come. You sing a song and wish in the wishing well and wish upon stars to get that magical trip but it just has not happened yet! And it even hurts more when the people close to you get to go but you can’t.

But I am a Disnerd and Disnerds are known for being optimistic about the future. So, if I can dream it, I can do it. And I think I have dreamed about this long enough for it to happen.

So for anyone reading this going on a magical Disney trip soon, have a blast! And kindly send some of that Disney magic my way 🙂



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