Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Finds New Home on Buena Vista Street!


(Taken at Tokyo DisneySea–not my photo)

Yes, what you read is absolutely true! Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has now found a home on Buena Vista Street in Disney’s California Adventure! We could not be more thrilled to have him home. With him being in DisneySea Tokyo, it was confusing why he was not given a spot in California. There is a store dedicated to him titled “Oswald’s” and it just seems fitting to have him in Buena Vista Street! After all, he is Walt Disney’s original character and he deserves a spot in the original park (okay, well close to!).

I had the pleasure of meeting the Lucky Rabbit! It was quite exciting meeting this original character. He made his debut on September 14, 2014, and there was quite the lines to meet him!

Oh yes, the Instagram page we manage called “wheres_Oswald” had to get in as well! I think Big Oswald loved meeting Little Ozzie, and vice versa! The crowds thought it was the cutest thing, with a lot of “awws”.

Our very own Oswald met the bigger version of him! So magical!

Our very own Oswald met the bigger version of him! So magical!

But it is being said that cast members are noticing a decline in the lines to meet this lucky rabbit. Why could it be so? Well, in my opinion, I do not think enough people know about Oswald. The Disnerds who are obsessed and crazy over Disney (yes, I am referring to me as well!) definitely know who he is but others do not. I think Disney needs to reintroduce Oswald with a short film or a cartoon so people can become familiar with him. I will say they did try to do this with the game Epic Mickey 2, but it did not do as well as it could have. A good place to introduce him would be in the new Mickey Mouse shorts! The style fits Oswald perfectly!

We happily welcome Oswald to Buena Vista Street and hope people will see how lucky this rabbit really is! Welcome back to the Disney family, Ozzie!

Me and Ozzie meeting Oswald for the first time!

Me and Ozzie meeting Oswald for the first time!


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