Confessions of a Disney Freak: Being in love to a Disnerd

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I have a lot of my friends who are Disney lovers always say how lucky I am to be dating someone who is a Disney fan like me. Well, maybe they are right. There are times where it can be a bit frustrating and a challenge. But majority of the time, it is a magical experience with full of surprises and adventures! So, for those who wonder what it is like, here are some  things I experience all the time in dating my wonderful Disnerd of a boyfriend:

Disney Debates: When dating a Disnerd, topics on Disney are always in motion. Whether it is about theme parks, the characters, movies, or Disney Legends, there is always something to debate. Not all the debates are ruthless. But we do have our disagreements. For example, we had a debate on Disney sequels and if it is worth Disney doing them. That was an interesting conversation! You learn to pick your battles and move on to the next thing.

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Endless Disney Conversations: When you both share a love for something as awesome a Disney, it tends to come up quite frequently in every day talk. I do not think we have gone one day without mentioning something Disney related, whether it is an article about Disney or stirring up Disney memories or saying a Disney phrase. A positive way to think of it is we both get a little Disney magic every day 🙂

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Disney Trips and Events: Considering we both live in SoCal and we have annual passes to the Disneyland Resort, Disney trips are always in favor! Even if we do not necessarily go into the park, we do go on Disney related outings. For example, we went to the D23’s Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives that was being hosted at the Ronald Reagan Library. It was so awesome going and sharing our love for Disney. Oh, and of course, we went to D23 Expo 2013, which was three days of nonstop Disney fun! Not even to mention the Dapper Days! It has been a must (or at least we try to) for us to go in our “Dapper best” at our favorite place.

During our first trip to Disney's California Adventure, together.

During our first trip to Disney’s California Adventure, together.

Disney Movie Marathons: Now let’s face it, there are way too many Disney movies to watch every single one of them, but the attempt to is always a fun time. I mean, what is better than cuddling up with someone you love watching your favorite Disney films together? Then, all the added discussion that comes with it is definitely an added bonus!

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Disney Romance: “Ahhh so romantic!” Yes, I tend to feel like Marie from The Aristocats some days. He is just so romantic with quoting Disney quotes, singing Disney love songs, or telling me I am the Princess Tiana to his Naveen (yeah, it gets me every time!). My personal favorite is the surprise trip to Disneyland, it was beyond perfect and I could relive that moment every day.

During Dapper Day last fall, I felt like a princess that night!

During Dapper Day last fall, I felt like a princess that night!

Experience a “Whole New World”: As much as we both know about the Disney franchise, one of the many joys we both get is telling each other things we did not know. Since he has worked at Disney World and has vacationed there, he knows so much more about that theme park than I do. I enjoy him sharing his knowledge and his experiences. Me not have been there just makes him want to take me so we can experience it together, It is a pleasure to be able to go and experience new Disney experiences with him.

Our favorite Disney adventure: D23 Expo 2013.

Our favorite Disney adventure: D23 Expo 2013.

So, this is not every great perk to dating a Disnerd, but these are some of my personal favorites. It really is exciting and a fun experience. When you meet someone who makes you happy and loves Disney just as much as you, you really do find the Mickey to your Minnie or the Daisy to your Donald 🙂


Do you have any more perks to dating a Disnerd? Write them below!


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“So, this is love? Mmhmm…” –Cinderella, Walt Disney’s Cinderella



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