What’s new to Disney Infinity?


There is no doubt that Disney Infinity has become a popular game  for both kids and adults. Disney may have done pretty well with this cool game!  I mean, I am obsessed with it and I am 21 years old! But Disney announced the coming of Disney Infinity 2.0, which features new characters to universe.

download (1)

Disney first announced that the Marvel superheros will be released, which include the main Avengers characters. Soon after that, they announced the coming of Maleficent and Merida from Disney-Pixar’s Brave.

images (1)

And recently, they announced a new character to join the 2.0 group. Let’s see if you can guess who he is: he is fluffy, he likes to steal everyone’s left shoe, and he is best friends with Lilo? If you guessed Stitch, then you are correct! The cute “little angel” will also make his debut along with the other awesome characters. Yes, as you can tell I am super excited because I love Stitch!

Well, that is it about the new Disney Infinity 2.0! What characters would you like to see Disney release in the Toy Box?


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