Disney’s 24 Hour Event: Rock Your #DisneySide!

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As you all have heard, or not heard, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World is throwing yet another 24 hour event to kick off summer! From 6AM on Friday May 23rd to 6AM on Saturday May 24th, the Parks will be filled with people! It was announced with a both well seen and rare Disney characters formed into a hashtag.


The theme for the event is just as cool! Rock Your Disney Side is the new theme. The underline theme that is going around as well is Heroes versus Villains: Are you a Hero or a Villain? It has been going on for months, with celebrities showing off their #DisneySide at the Disney Parks. So, many will come dressed up whatever sparks up their Disney Side! You can come as a princess, villain, pirate, party animal (yeah, you know what characters those are!), or whatever you want that shows your #DisneySide.

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Shirts that Disney will be providing at the parks.

Guests are allowed to dress up.  Costumes are permitted. Rules for dressing up are the same for Halloween Time: no sharp or pointy objects, clothing should not drag on the ground, keep it friendly and G-rated, and if you wear masks, it should not cover your eyes.

And of course since this is a special event, there are going to be new shows! For Disneyland, there will be a new World of Color show just for this event and a new firework show as well. For Walt Disney World, a new firework show is also being shown just for this event.

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It sounds like it is going to be a blast! Despite how crowded it is going to be, I am excited! I will be attending the Disneyland Resort for the event with my Disnerd cousins! Of course, I will be bringing Oswald the Lucky Rabbit with me (for updates on our silly rabbit and his Disney adventures, check out his Instagram page: wheres_oswald). Another bonus, it is the weekend before my 21st birthday, which is awesome!

I will definitely keep you posted on the event, most likely on our Facebook page! If you have not already, like our Facebook page for more information and more Disney magic!

Well, I still have to decide how I am going to rock my #DisneySide. Camera will be charged and let the magic begin!

This is the perfect description of me!

This is the perfect description of me!


Are you going to this event in Disneyland or Walt Disney World? I would love to hear your ideas how you will rock your #DisneySide and how much fun you had!


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