Disneyland, Why Do You Cost So Much?!


It is not a hidden secret that Disney Parks have gone up on their prices over the years. From it being just $1 to enter Disneyland in the 1950s to almost $100 today, something does not seem right.

What the prices used to be.

What the prices used to be about no more than a year ago.

Disneyland Resort has increased their prices yet again! It is now $96 to enter for only a one park entry, and $90 for kid price. For a one day Park Hopper, it is now $150 for adults and $144 for children. Prices have gone up for all of the multi-day Park Hoppers and for the Magic Mornings as well. General parking in the Mickey and Friends parking structure is now $17.

download (2)

The annual passports have gone up  as well, although the monthly payments are still available. The SoCal Select Pass is now $289. The SoCal Pass has been eliminated altogether. The Deluxe Pass is $519 and the Premium is $699. For the SoCal Select and Deluxe Passes, it is an additional $159 to add parking. The Premier pass has gone up $50, making it $1,029.

Why is Disney increasing all their prices? Well, it could be the huge increase in crowds. Disneyland is more crowded than usual. Even the regular seasons have made the parks more filled than usual. Disney wants to reduce the crowd and they figure raising the prices will reduce the crowd and amount of people coming. And the busy seasons have become, well, busier.

Disney June 2011 Events

Some say it could be with all the ongoing projects going on in the theme parks. With the Avatar land undergoing construction in Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World and other Disney theme parks around the world, they may need the extra cash for expenses.

images (1)

Many Disney fans feel that the Disney Parks and the Disney industry has strayed away from Walt’s actual dream and vision. He wanted affordable family fun and lately, that is not what we are getting.


I do agree in trying to reduce the crowds, as it does make the Parks less enjoyable. However, I do not agree with the huge increase. There are other ways to avoid this but we shall see if the prices go down soon.



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