Rockin’ Both Parks!


So let’s jump back about 7 years ago. Disneyland Resort announced that from January 2007 to April 2007, they would have Rockin’ Both Parks. This was an event that lasted actually longer than it’s intended date. The two top attractions of Disneyland Resort (at that time) were getting a bit of a makeover, with sounds and lighting that is!

Here is the commercial for it 🙂

For that limited time, Space Mountain at Disneyland and California Screamin’ at California Adventure was spiced up with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The original tracks for the rides were replaced with tracks from the awesome band, as well as new lights for Space Mountain and a few lights at night for California Screamin’.

The maps also changed for both parks. Each map had a speaker, shaped like Mickey Mouse of course, with a faded out photo of Space Mountain for Disneyland and one of California Screamin’ for California Adventure.

download (1)

The ride experience was amazing! California Screamin was super cool at night, because of the lights that went along with the music. During the day, you just had the rockin’ music!

Space Mountain was cooler because it was in a controlled environment. The darkness was added with colorful concert lights and there were projections of guitar players. It was a nice to have a twist on the classic dark thrill ride.

Below is a link that shows what both rides looked like during this rockin’ time!

When Rockin’ Both Parks ended, it was sad to see it go. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the rides the way there were originally created but something about having a new twist for a while made it an even more magical experience!

Have you experienced Rockin’ Both Parks at the Disneyland Resort? What other special events did the Disney Parks put on that you loved and want back?


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