Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2?!



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That’s right, Dreamers, you read the title right. Disney-Pixar has finally decided to do a sequel to the beloved The Incredibles and finish off the sequel with a third Cars film.



In all honesty, I do not understand the need for a Cars 3, when the second one did not do as well. I, personally, enjoyed the film and it was nice to have the attention focusing on Mater but altogether, it did not do as well as it’s first film. The Cars 2 did leave off where it can be another one, I am curious to know what it can be about. One reason could be the opening of Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure, trying to keep it fresh and going. But in my opinion, the Cars was amazing enough that there is no need for anymore sequels. Unless they are going to reintroduce the new characters into the Park, I suggest leaving it. But Pixar has been known to surprise me, so I am eager to see what is in store for Cars 3.



As far as The Incredibles 2, I know many of you and others around the world are just as excited as I am for it! It has been almost 10 years since the first one made it’s debut and the fans have been begging for a sequel. The Incredibles  definitely left off with the impression of a sequel  to be made but for some odd reason, they held it off for a while. Hopefully the sequel picks up right where it left off, with the Incredibles getting ready to defeat the Underminer. Others I have talked to suggested why creating a sequel right where they left off. They suggested it would be cooler to have the film in 10 years time, to be more accurate. I am interested to see how Pixar decides how the film should start off.

With the recent arrival of Monsters University and the soon-to-be film Finding Dory in 2016, it seems like Pixar is into creating sequels and prequels for their most popular films. Although, I know many fans are wondering when a Monsters, Inc 2 is coming out. What happens to Sulley and Boo once they see each other again? I guess the world will never know! But Pixar has enough to distract the fans up with the release of the much desired film, The Incredibles 2. 

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Are you excited for these films are, too? What other films do you think Pixar should add prequels or sequels to?


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