Disney Princess Overload!


Good day, Dreamers! In dedication to the numerous amount of Disney princesses lately, I have decided to write a post about it. Of course, Disney started off its animated full length features with princesses from Snow White. But in my opinion, Disney should slow down on the Disney Princesses! I mean we have had a lot. Since Tiana, there have been 3 new princesses and a new queen (for those who have seen Frozen, you know Elsa is a queen!). Bare with me, as I feel a slight rant coming on!

Disney took a nice break after their last Disney princess, Mulan (who can arguably be seen as not a real princess but according to Disney, she is a part of the franchise) who came out in 1998. After 11 years, The Princess and the Frog makes its debut with Tiana as the new princess in 2009. Shortly after Tiana, Rapunzel stars in Tangled in 2010. Pixar released in 2012 Brave, making  Merida a new princess. Although many would argue that she is not necessarily a Disney princess, the Disney franchise has lined her up to be a Disney-Pixar princess. In 2013, Frozen appears on the big screen, giving us Anna as the newest princess and Elsa has the first Disney official queen.

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Now, I am definitely not saying I dislike any of these princesses and their movies, as they are all wonderful and have taken over my life with their soundtracks (yes, I am mainly referring to Frozen). But I feel as though Disney should take a break with the princesses. I was happy when they did something different like Wreck It Ralph because I really do miss the other creative side. I miss movies like Bolt and Oliver and Company and The Lion King. But unfortunately, it seems that the Disney Princesses tend to sell way better than do the other classics. And with a new Polynesian princess titled Moana on the way in some time in 2018, there definitely has been a princess takeover.

Disney's newest Disney princess, Moana, to appear 2018

Disney’s newest Disney princess, Moana, to appear 2018

So I can understand the reason for storming in the princesses but please, Disney is prominent for their creativity and I am sure they have so many brilliant ideas. But I cannot complain because from going to D23 Expo 2013, they have shared new original movies from the Walt Disney Animation Studios that are not princess related (maybe I will release some of it!) They seem pretty exciting and I am eager for the princess and fairy tale break!

How do you feel about this? I would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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4 responses to “Disney Princess Overload!

    • That is very true! I did not think about it that way. Excellent point! I may have just been slightly overwhelmed with it all lately. I do still in fact adore all the princesses and their films, too.

  1. I agree with you. As much as I love the Disney Princesses, I wish Disney would make more films like “Wreck-It-Ralph” in addition to the fairy tale themed ones. I think the marketing of the Disney Princesses over the years has caused Disney to make more “princess” films that will fit with the line-up.

    • Yes! That would be great! One of the reasons I am super excited for “Big Hero 6”. I know Disney has a lot of creative ideas and I am eager to see them.

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