Confessions of a Disney Freak: My “Groupie” Moment

Okay so I went to Disneyland a few days ago and I totally had a “groupie” moment. No, it wasn’t with a famous celebrity…well at least not a human one haha!

My ultimate fan girl moment when I met my beloved Stitch in person!

My ultimate fan girl moment when I met my beloved Stitch in person!

So for those of you who read my bio know that I am a huge Stitch fan! Ever since my parents took me when I was 8 years old to the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood to see Lilo and Stitch, I have been fangirling him since! I begged for a Stitch stuffed animal the moment we saw the movie, insisted on buying another one when I was 13, had to buy a Stitch pillow pet, named my dark blue Bug (my car) Stitch, and my Disnlerd boyfriend just bought me a Stitch purse! I am not obsessed (okay maybe a little bit) but after knowing this, it will make a little easier to understand my “groupie” moment!

images (3)

So, we are going to watch Mickey and the Magical Map. Seeing it this time was different because Disney finally added the character Stitch to the Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride part of the show. Of course, I had not seen it yet. I’m watching it with my Disnerd boyfriend who knows how much I simply love Stitch.

download (1)

I hear the beginning of Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride and instantly become excited. And then out comes Stitch’s head, being cute as ever! He then appears on stage and starts dancing with the rest of the dancers and interacting with them and then it happens. I freak out and cannot help but squeal and grab my boyfriend’s arm excitedly! He just smiled and laughed!

Ugh, not to mention that this is not my only groupie moment, I’ll admit that. Too embarrassing! And I am pretty sure that the people around us thought I was a weirdo obsessed! Well, I guess I am but that’s a different story!

images (4)

“Also cute and fluffy!” – Stitch

Disney’s Lilo and Stitch


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