So This Is Love?

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Ahhh the sweet caress of twilight, there’s magic in the air, and with all this romantic atmosphere, disaster’s in the air! Well, there isn’t disaster in the air, just love! As most Disnerds can attest, the Disney Parks can be such a romantic place to be. Whether it is an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a special date, these tips can help add some romance to your day at the Parks.

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Romantic meals. Thinking about eating at a restaurant in the parks? Great! It may sound cliche but in actuality, it is romantic! Disney offers a variety of restaurants. The more upscale the restaurant is, the higher the price. But, who’s to say that you need to eat the fancier restaurants to have a lovely and romantic dinner? The Disney Parks offer decent restaurants that can fit just about any budget. On busier days, it may be wise to call in ahead of time for a reservation. Some of the more popular, table-service restaurants are reservation only, so be sure to check! I recommend getting a reservation at least a couple of days before, but be warned for the busier times of the year. It would be best to book a reservation at least 2 weeks in advance to secure your spot as they fill quickly!


Let’s take a stroll. Another tip that can add to the romance is to casually walk around the Parks. Do not rush to get on the rides. Take everything slow and enjoy the company of one another. One of the best times to walk around the Parks is right before closing. Everyone is piling out and certain areas of the Parks have less traffic. It is nice with all the lights and quiet, perfect for a romantic stroll. It is also one of the best photo op times because not as many people are walking around. As far as riding rides, do not hesitate to get on the dark rides! Imagine sitting close to your loved one as you venture through classic Disney fairy tales…does it get any more romantic than that? If you are taking a stroll and happen to appear near a churro cart, why not share the delicious snack? Even better, share a Dole Whip Float! It is a cute way to enjoy a classic Disney treat. It also shows how much you simply love that person because we all know, Dole Whips are super hard to share!

Ti and Kellz and Dapper Day 2013 having a mini photo shoot.

Ti and Kellz and Dapper Day 2013 having a mini photo shoot.

Have a photo shoot! A classic Disney date must do is to take the lovable, cliche photos! Yes, these include the kissing ones in front of the castle! Photo opportunities are abundant at the Disney Parks and taking photos with your loved one to remember this day is a must. Besides, it is nice to have memories from the date. Twist it up a bit and Disney bound as your favorite Disney couple for an awesome photo shoot! As crazy as it sounds, this is quite fun! Disney Parks have wonderful photo spots that are irresistible!

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Catch a show! Disney Parks have awesome shows and they can be equally as romantic! Try getting an up-close view of the firework show. Enjoy the Aladdin! The Musical. Catch the 3:00 parade and get a decent seat, all while sharing popcorn or churros. They are not only fun to watch but can be the cherry on top of a lovely day! Some restaurants offer package deals where you can get a nice seating area with a meal and watch a show (e.g Ariel’s Grotto to watch World of Color at Disney’s California Adventure). These are nice, and you are secluded from other guests in the Park (besides the ones enjoying their dinner-and-a-show, too). Prices vary of course, so check with a cast member or Disney Parks websites for more information. This is great because you kill two birds with one stone by getting a nice dinner and a delightful show!

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Best time of year to go. Yes, it is true. There are some times that are genuinely more romantic than others at the Disney Parks. There is no doubt that the holiday season is among the best times to go. Everything is covered in lights, magic fills the air, and the weather outside is cold! Perfect for snuggling up with the one you love! I can definitely say that one of my most romantic times at the Parks was during the holiday season. Of course, it is different for everyone, but I think the cold weather and the magical lights decked out on the castle is just perfect for a date! Summer is a great time of year, with all the summer flings going on and the summer love! The nighttime is probably the best time. By the time it becomes nighttime, the heat has cooled down, you won’t be drenched in sweat, and the air outside is not too hot and not too cold, just right. Summer nights are arguably one of the prettiest of nights throughout the year. It is one of the bets times to dress up fancy and hit the town, without worrying too much about the weather. I am not saying that these two times are the best times to go, but I am saying that these particular times of the year tend to be filled with more romance.

Well, that just about sums it up for some romance in the Parks. Do you have any tips to make a Disney date more romantic? I’d love to hear! Maybe I can try them out for a date night or two!

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“Can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are…”

Simba and Nala; The Lion King


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