Holidays at the Disneyland Resort

“It’s the most magical time of the year!” Who doesn’t love the holidays? The holiday season is such a magical time of the year, especially at the Disneyland Resort! Whether you celebrate the holiday season or not, it is still a wonderful time of the year at the Resort and there’s a lot to do and see. We will tour through Disneyland, Disney’s California Adventure, and Down Town Disney and see how each of these partake in the holidays!


jingle jangle

Jingle Jangle Jamboree: This is located in Frontierland, right pass Big Thunder Mountain. Jingle Jangle Jamboree is decked out in the holiday spirit! It is a wonderful picture spot, as the characters come out. Some key characters are the Country Bears (who are just a delight to be around), Goofy dressed up as Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse dressed in either Santa Claus or his winter outfit, and Minnie Mouse. Santa Claus makes appearances sometimes as well. There are delicious holiday treats made by the one and only Mrs. Claus! Also, you can play games with either Mickey or Pluto (or another character depending on the schedule). It is a delightful experience for all ages. With all the decorations around, it is as pretty as a Christmas card!

christmas parade

A Christmas Fantasy Parade: We all know Disneyland has awesome parades, but this one gets you into the Christmas spirit! It features all the classic Christmas elements. The music can bring joy to anyone, no matter the age. It is super nice to see your favorite Disney characters dressed up in their winter gear. You will get to see some beloved Christmas characters- the Disney way! I recommend getting seats for these early because there’s always a crowd. The parade route is the usual one, from It’s a Small World to the end of Main Street. Be sure to check the Times Guide or ask a fellow cast member for the appropriate parade times.

haunted mansion

Haunted Mansion Holiday: This is a beloved attraction as it is but it turns into The Nightmare Before Christmas starting in mid September! The classic Tim Burton movie has made its home during the holiday seasons. While the line can be long for this ride, I highly encourage to ride it! For those who have been on it last holiday season, you will notice some awesome new changes!

its a small world

It’s a Small World Holiday: By far one of the classic Disney rides, it becomes even more classic during the holidays! It is beautiful inside. The entire ride is decked out in lights, decorations, and more. Each section is themed according to that country’s culture and how they celebrate the holidays. I highly recommend going on this ride, it adds just the right amount of joy to the day! Plus, when it begins to get dark, there is a lighting ceremony. There’s a show every 15 minutes once it is night time. It truly is spectacular!

jingle cruise

Jingle Cruise: The world famous Jungle Cruise has decked the halls! There is not a whole rearrangement of the ride itself but it has a few elements that bring it into the holiday spirit! The line has decorations and the skipper tells the usual lovable, corny jokes but with a hint of Christmas spirit! It is a nice new addition to the holidays at Disneyland.


Sleeping Beauty’s Castle: We all know the castle gets decked out for the holiday seasons with lights and snow on the top but some people are unaware of the lighting ceremony that occurs around 7:30 at night. I advise to ask a cast member for the correct time. It is a magical experience and at the end, it snows! It is not very long but it is worth stopping to watch!


Candlelight Processional: We all know during Christmas time, there are the Christmas carolers. This beautiful show features a choir who appear on the steps of the Disneyland Railroad Station at the front of Main Street. They sing classic Christmas songs in perfect harmony, all while holding candles. Check the Times Guide for exact times. Enjoy these wonderful carolers as they sing the songs that bring out the Christmas spirit.


Believe…In Holiday Magic!: Yes, the best way to end a magical holiday at Disneyland! This firework show features some of the classic Christmas songs and brings all the joy that comes with it. Be warned, for this can be a tear-jerker! The show interacts with the castle so it would be nice to get a spot to see the castle. If you cannot do that, you can still enjoy the whole show with the awesome music and firework spectacular. And at the end, the magic really happens after the big finale with a huge snowfall! Every one’s holiday wish: snow!

Disney’s California Adventure

phineas and ferb

Phineas and Ferb Dance Party: The dance party continues with the beloved Phineas and Ferb but, of course, with a holiday twist! Check a Times Guide for different times.

mad tea party

Mad Tea Party: The Mad Tea Party still is rocking out but changes up for the holidays. The music becomes merrier and decorations change in favor of the holidays! A great night time experience to rock out during the holidays!

viva navidad

Viva Navidad: The newest addition to the holidays, Viva Navidad brings out the holidays in Mexican and Brazilian culture brought to you by the fabulous Three Caballeros! You can see the parade that celebrates both cultures and features the terrific trio, learn dance moves with your family, and eat some delicious food! You can enjoy meet and greets too with Goofy and of course the Three Caballeros, Jose, Panchito, and Donald! They usually appear after the parade. It is a jolly, fun time where everyone of all ages can sing, samba, and shout, “Ay caramba!”

winter dreams

World of Color -Winter Dreams: This is a new variation of World of Color. Although they usual do some kind of holiday part during the regular show, this show is made especially for the holiday season. Whether you have seen or Frozen or have yet to see it, it features the silly but lovable snowman, Olaf, who takes you into winter dreams! There are still everyone’s beloved characters as they make an appearance and there is a sing-a-long too. Don’t forget, you still need to get a FastPass by Grizzly River Run if you want to get the priority seating. Cast members do have sections where you can stand and watch without the use of a FastPass. It definitely is a delightful show! Get a nice, hot cup of hot cocoa or coffee and enjoy!

Downtown Disney:

ice skating

Ice-skating rink: Go ice-skating, Frozen style! Olaf cheers you on as you ice skate round and round. The decorations are lovely, it is it’s on little corner of a winter wonderland! It is located by Earl of Sandwich and AMC movie theater, right before you get to the entrance of the Disneyland Hotel. It is a separate cost to skate and for ice skate rental.

Well, that just about sums it up for the wonderful things you can do at Disneyland Resort during the holiday season that you don’t want to miss! What are some of your favorite things to do at the Resort during holiday season? Happy Holidays!


“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


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