Down in the Disneyland (or World) Blues


*Sigh* It has been months (or days) since you have set foot on Disney property. You become dreadfully emotional when you hear or see a Disney commercial. You pitifully stare at your dusty annual pass which has not been used in what seems like an eternity! You pray to the heavens to bring you back to the Happiest Place on Earth! What’s a Disnerd to do when they are unable to go back home? Well here are some things to try and ease your homesickness and get you out of the Disney blues!

1) Watch YouTube videos of the parks and rides: I know it sounds typical, but it helps! Find videos of tours around the parks and imagine yourself there. Look up your favorite rides…better yet, go in order! It is almost like a virtual tour of any theme park of your choice. Grab your park maps and your mouse ears and go on a whole new world of virtual Disney!


2) Strut your Disney gear: Indeed, do not be afraid to wear your Disney shirts, jackets, hats, and ears! You may find that wearing these makes you feel closer to your second home. Besides, it can strike up some magical conversation with fellow Disnerds as well.

3) Play Disneyland Kinect: This is an awesome game! If you have the ability to buy it, I recommend getting it (there is a post about this game on the blog under miscellaneous, “And Let the Games Begin” for more information) . It definitely is my home away from home! You get to play with the characters, go on special adventures, and explore Disneyland! It is fun for all ages, too.


4) Have a Disney movie marathon: It works! The Disney theme parks thrive on beloved Disney movies, so it just makes sense to watch the movies! Go for the classics and make your way up to the more recent films.

5) Listen to Disney music: Yes, probably the best thing to do! If you are able to, buy the Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World album and jam away! If not, YouTube has tons of audio from loop music to ride music! Also, listen to classic Disney animated soundtracks. Many of Disney’s songs are joyful and can turn any frown upside down!


6) Go to the Disney store or outlet or go online: This is fun to do whether you are in the dumps or not. Browsing at all the Disney goodies will put a smile on your face. It’s fun to think of all the Disney stuff you want to spoil yourself with. And if the moment is right, I say treat yourself to a little Disney treat. It’s the least you can do to raise your Disney heart up.


Well that is all for now! Do you have any methods that help you get out of the Disney blues? I’d be more than happy to hear about them! TTFN!— Ti 🙂


“Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way!” Mary Poppins, Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins


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