Flour Sack Animation


Hey Dreamers! It’s Ti here! So I thought it would be a wonderful idea to upload one of my personal favorite animations that I have created! This is from my traditional animation class I took last semester. It was a ton of fun but I must admit, a lot of work!

The flour sack is a well-known assignment in the animation industry. It is used as a beginning project, great for practicing animating. The object is to bring to life a flour sack, the same thing animators do to many characters today. It uses all the 12 principles of animation. Furthermore, my professor assigned us this project for us to learn appeal-  a principle of animation that adds personality to the character.

A model sheet for a flour sack.

A model sheet for a flour sack.

She also wanted us to get in the habit of creating and using  a model sheet. Model sheets come in handy when you have a character and it is going to be in different positions. Usually, it consists of 4 main positions: front view, side view, back view, and 3/4 view and different facial expressions. Model sheets can also have the character in different outfits, styles, and other positions. They are very useful and gives you a chance to experiment with your beloved character.

Many animators, even professional, still use the flour sack as a practice and warm up tool. There are not any strict guidelines for the flour sack exercise, except to strictly adhere to the 12 principles of animation.

12 Principles of Animation: Disney style!

12 Principles of Animation: Disney style!

Be creative! The animation field thrives on creativity and originality. So, do not be afraid to experiment! Just remember, use the 12 principles of animation! There is a post about them on this blog, check it out if you need reference! As my professor told me, “Once you know how to use the 12 principles as easily as you can breathe, you can break them!” In easier terms, rules are meant to be followed but they are also meant to be broken. Once you know these 12 principles, you can break them and use them to your advantage.

Here is my very first flour sack, it’s the link below. I hope you all enjoy! And if you want to, you are more than welcomed to look at all my art and animations on my Vimeo account 🙂


Well that’s all for now my future animators! More to come soon!


“Shh. Shh. Shh. Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change.” Randall, Monsters, Inc


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