Confessions of A Disney Freak: Coming Out


Hello Dreamers, Ti here! So, you may be wondering what this whole section on our blog is about. It is exactly what it means: confessions of a Disney Freak. I am sure we all go through similar struggles and moments in our lives that non-Disnerds do not understand. So I thought it would be pretty cool to write about all the things us Disnerds struggle with. It is meant to be funny, and I hope you get a good laugh as well!


With that being said, I am starting off the first one with “coming out”. How long did it take you to come out and admit your obsession with Disney, or were you one of those brave ones who decided to stand out above the crowd? Well with me, I didn’t truly accept it until my freshmen year of college! Of course when you are kids, people expect you to love Disney. But as I started growing up, it was not so common. In secret with my family I was a total Disney geek; in public, I tried to contain myself as much as possible.

My cousins and I were very fond of Disney as kids and now that we are all adults, our love for it has grown more than expected. Once I arrived to college, I began to notice a lot of students were crazy Disnerds too! They were everywhere! I would mention how much I love Disney and the next thing you know, we are having a Disney convention! Don’t get me wrong, I loved this but I must admit, it was well, weird for me. I came from a dark, lonely place where Disnerds are rare beauties so to have so many proud Disnerds around was a sight for sore eyes!

And my goodness, when I went to D23 Expo 2013, majority of the people there were ADULTS! There were about 30% kids and the rest adults. So after seeing that whole new world of Disney, it is a proven fact that Disney is not just for kids. It is meant for adults, too! I mean do people forget that all the animated movies and theme parks we love and hold dear to our hearts were created by grown men!? And as Uncle Walt always says, “Adults are just kids grown up, anyways!” Just remember, the next time a person gives you a fit about being a Disnerd, give them a good ol’ lecture and I am sure they won’t bother you again!  imgres-4

I will say this though, since I have admitted to the world that I am a Disney Freak, I have felt more confident and happier than ever! So, today’s lesson is do not hide your love for Disney, or any love for that matter! We have a reputation to uphold. We must stand out above the crowd! Even if I gotta shout out loud!

How did you/do you take special pride in being a Disnerd? I would love to hear about it! Well, TTFN! (Ta-Ta-For-Now) 🙂


“To stand out, above the crowd! Even if I gotta shout out loud. ‘Til mine is the only face you see, gonna stand out til you notice me!” —Max, A Goofy Movie


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