55 things to do while Waiting for your Disneyland Vacation

The days are dreary, the hours slowly tick by. You stare at your calendar and it seems your Disneyland Resort vacation will never come…. (sigh)

Well, fear not, beloved Disney Dork! We have compiled a list of 55 things to do while waiting for your Disneyland Vacation! May your waiting be “ever magical”!

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55 things to do while waiting for you DLR Vacation

  1. Watch Disney’s animated classics: Snow White (1937), Peter Pan (1953), Pinocchio (1940), Alice in Wonderland (1951), Dumbo (1941), The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949). All of these films have dark rides at Fantasyland!

  2. Have a Disney karaoke night. If you don’t own a karaoke game/system, go online and find the lyrics and instrumentals.

  3. Host a Disney-themed costume party.

  4. Watch the Indiana Jones quadrilogy, then ride “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye” in Adventureland.

  5. Watch the Pirates of the Caribbean quadrilogy, then ride “Pirates of the Caribbean” in New Orleans Square!

  6. Play Disney Infinity, the new game from Disney Interactive.

  7. Start reading the Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson.

  8. Read Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys books by Steven M. Barrett. Then see how many hidden Mickeys you can find!

  9. Take an online virtue tour of the parks, courtesy of YouTube or your favorite video sharing site.

  10. Learn to draw your favorite Disney characters.

  11. Check out MiceChat.com for news and interesting stories.

  12. Listen to Inside the Magic’s podcasts (InsidetheMagic.net) to get the latest theme park news.

  13. Plan and budget your vacation, via MouseSavers.com.

  14. Download a Disneyland wait times app on your smart phone.

  15. Participate in a Disney-centered blog (like ours)!

  16. Go on a shopping spree at the Disney Store!

  17. Scour the https://disneyland.disney.go.com/ website.

  18. Host a Disney animated movie marathon and watch from Snow White to the newest release in chronological order.

  19. Coordinate a Disney outfit (DisneyBound) to wear at the parks (check out Pinterest for examples)!

  20. Memorize your favorite ride spiels (“Welcome, foolish mortals…”)

  21. Get a signature book ready and plan your meet & greets with the characters in the parks.

  22. Make reservations at restaurants (Carthay Circle, anyone?)

  23. Join D23, the Ultimate Fan Club! Oh, the possibilities!

  24. Create a Disney club at your school/campus/community.

  25. Learn the history or your favorite rides and attractions.

  26. Discover the Sherman Brothers music catalogues (tip: listen to “Magic Journeys”).

  27. Buy the new Disneyland Resort album (released August 2013).

  28. Have a Star Wars marathon, then ride “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue” in Tomorrowland.

  29. Have a Toy Story marathon then ride “Astro Blasters” and “Toy Story Midway Mania”.

  30. Complete a Disney photo challenge on Instagram according to how many days you have left.

  31. Create a care package to bring along with necessities for your children.

  32. Relive your fond childhood memories and read your Disney Little Golden Book collection.

  33. Mark the days off your calendar until you arrive at Disneyland Resort.

  34. Listen to The Beach Boys and pretend to enjoy a corn dog at Paradise Pier.

  35. Get crafty and make some special Disney-themed jewelry.

  36. Make your own family/group t-shirts, sweatshirts announcing your Disneyland Resort vacation.

  37. Plan each day of your vacation out.

  38. Get supplies ready for your Disneyland Resort scrapbook.

  39. Scrapbooking not your style? Get a photo album ready and try to meet all the characters.

  40. Practice your penmanship by copying the Disney character autographs.

  41. Play Disneyland Kinect on Xbox 360.

  42. Grab a buddy and duke it out on Disney Scene It!

  43. Business-minded skills? Try Disney Monopoly.

  44. Learn to make churros and pretend you’re on Main Street U.S.A.

  45. Make your own Minnie Mouse hairbows.

  46. Create a Vlog of your trip and host it on YouTube or other video sharing site.

  47. Retro fever? Host a marathon of the Disney Afternoon cartoon shows (“Talespin”, anyone?)

  48. Have a friendly debate with your non-Disney-loving friend on why Disney Dorks are the most awesomest people ever!

  49. Download and listen to the show music from World of Color and Fantasmic.

  50. Go head-to-head with your Disney Dork pals on a Disney trivia challenge.

  51. Take a tour of the Golden State and relive the experience at Disney’s California Adventure.

  52. Start collecting Disney pins for your favorite lands/hotels/attractions and get ready to trade at the parks.

  53. Buy the Disney parade and firework music albums. Close your eyes and pretend you’re there!

  54. Watch your favorite Disney character’s cartoons on YouTube (hours of Pluto? Yes please!)

  55. Listen to “Walt Disney Takes you to Disneyland” and thank us later!

There you have it! Are your favorite Disneyland ideas listed above? Do you have any waiting tips? Let us know below!

“Just remember to smile” – Elinor (Brave)


5 responses to “55 things to do while Waiting for your Disneyland Vacation

  1. Lol I’ve done moray of the above!! I fly to Florida on Thursday afternoon for 5 magical days at Walt Disney World! And part of the fun will be running The Tower of Terror 10 mile race on Saturday and attending MNSSHP on Friday!! Oh I just can’t wait to be “home!” (Former cast member, I will forever call WDW my home!)

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