Fantasmic vs World of Color!

Hey Dreamers, Ti here! So, how many of you love Fantasmic! at Disneyland? What about World of Color? If you had to choose between the two as your favorite show, could you decide? Some people can, but if you are like me, it is hard to choose from two amazing shows! For those who are not familiar with either show, let me gladly give a rundown of each show! I love both of these shows and if you have not seen them, I suggest not reading this if you do not want me to ruin the magic for you!




rivers of america

Rivers of America at night

This is a classic live entertainment, nighttime show at Disneyland (and Disney Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World but today, we are focusing on the one from Disneyland Resort). Fantasmic! first made its debut May 13, 1992. The show is located in the Rivers of America in Frontierland. This show is filled with fireworks, live actors, sweet water effects, music, boats, rafts, and mist screens and it stars our beloved Mickey Mouse.


Conductor Mickey shooting fireworks

The show starts off with Conductor Mickey as he dances and conducts the water. The water suddenly becomes screens and scenes from Sorcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia appear. The flares coincide with the scene from Fantasia. Then a huge white flower appears and it goes into a jungle scene with music and a giant snake (which appears to be Kaa from The Jungle Book) comes slithering through. Rafts with dancing monkeys and King Louie float through. After that, it goes back to the water screen and a different song is played while heffalumps and wozzles appear on the screen. It goes to 3 figures on the stage, 1 of Pinocchio and the other two, Marie Antoinettes. They begin dancing and then you hear Jiminy Cricket calling Pinocchio and you travel through with them.

The scene changes and on the Columbia ship, appears Peter Pan and Captain Hook fighting, with Wendy underneath being kept hostage by pirates. They fight for a while and Peter Pan calls to the Crocodile that Captain Hook is afraid of. The Crocodile then follows the ship out of the scene.

The three rafts appear again, this time one with a different princess on it.  One has Belle and Beast, the other Ariel and Eric, and lastly Snow White and the Prince.  A mesh up between “Beauty and the Beast”, “Part of Your World”, and “Someday, My Prince Will Come” plays as they dance around. Once they leave, the good part comes in!

We are faced with the Evil Queen from Snow White, as she calls to the Magic Mirror. This time, however, the Magic Mirror reveals that there are 3 beauties that still exist in Mickey’s imagination. Beauty and love will always supply. She walks over to her cauldron, turns herself to the old, creepy lady and begins a spell to have control over Mickey’s mind and make it a “nightmare fantasmic!”

dragon fantasmic

Maleficent blows fire onto the stage

Soon Ursula appears on the screen and begins to create trouble on her own. Scenes from Fantasia begin to play, and the music becomes scary. Maleficent then makes her appearance as Mickey tries to run, frightened.

Maleficent then turns into a very tall dragon and breathes fire around the stage. Mickey is scared at first but then becomes brave and finds the sword and shouts, “You may think you are so powerful, but this is my dream!” and she is defeated. She falls, as well as images from the Evil Queen and Ursula defeated appear.

The lights go out and the music becomes the cheery music we love. The Mark Twain boat appears with all the Disney characters, with Steamboat Willie driving it. At the end, Sorcerer Mickey appears at the very top of the cabin of Tom Sawyer Island and creates magic with fireworks and then disappears to come to the bottom as Conductor Mickey and repeats, “Some imagination, huh?” and poofs off…pretty magical, right?

World of Color

world of color 4

                World of Color is a nighttime show that occurs every night at Paradise Bay in Paradise Pier in California Adventure. Paradise Pier remains closed during World of Color, as nearby attractions such as Mickey’s Fun Wheel and California Screamin’ interacts with the show. World of Color made its debut June 11, 2010. It involves water, lights, music, fireworks, and fire.

world of color

A glimpse of some of the featured characters in the show.

The show starts off with the lights shutting off. Once the music plays, Mickey’s Fun Wheel begins to light up and dance to the music. An announcement is made, “Walt Disney presents: The Wonderful World of Color!” and TinkerBell, with the flick of her wand, begins the show.

Colorful lights begin to fly over the water as it sprouts up. The introduction song to the show is played. The water dances to the music as the whole bay is lit up with color and magic.

The first act starts off with Ariel sitting on a rock gazing into the sunset. It then transform into “A Part of Your World” scene from the movie. Suddenly, the tempo arises, the colors become vibrant, and it becomes Sebastian signing to “Under the Sea”.

It easily flows to Crush and Squirt in the EAC (East Australian Current) and then  a scene from Disney-Pixar’s Finding Nemo, when Dory is trying to speak whale and Marlin is doubtful.  Krill then flee and the whale gets closer. As the whale gets closer and “eats” Marlin and Dory, it suddenly becomes a minor scene from Fantasia.

Next, EVE and Wall-e appear in a playful manner in outer space. Wall-e ends this scene with disappearing with a fire extinguisher and soon the smoke from it becomes the famous Toy Story clouds and we are in Andy’s room with Woody and Buzz. The show takes off with Buzz fighting Zurg and defeating him. Soon after, a million colorful balloons begin to float and the house from Up appears, with happy as ever, Dug.

For a brief second it becomes quiet and “A Whole New World” begins to play, with Aladdin and Jasmine going on a magic carpet ride. After the romantic scene is sealed with a kiss from the lovers, Genie appears into the scene and begins singing “A Friend Like Me”. The music is upbeat and the color are flashing everywhere.

world of color 2

A panoramic picture of the water shooting up.

New to the show, Disney-Pixar’s Brave begins to play, with Scottish music and Merida appearing. The song, “Touch the Sky” begins to play as different scenes from the movie are played.

It ends with Merida’s mom in bear form growling and she and Merida exit while the scene transform into Fantasia and then into Pocahontas , with “Colors of the Wind” playing. The music and water become dramatic and ends with a halt. Turning into Heimlich from A Bug’s Life. He is then carried away by raindrops forming into a crazy river.

The music suddenly climaxes into “A Little April Shower” from Disney’s Bambi. The music stops and the water and lights turn off to show only a pirate emblem and a young child singing, “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me.” Fire begins to shoot up along with the fire. It ends with lovely Captain Jack Sparrow screaming and the fire sprays out.

The music stops, it becomes dark once again and you hear Scar saying, “Mufusa, quick! In the gorge! Simba is down there!” and wildebeest start stampeding down to lead to Mufasa’s tragic death. After, the song, “So Close” (from Disney’s Enchanted) begins to play and different scenes from beloved movies arise. It becomes a love song filled with romance, ending with Belle kissing Beast and saying “I love you” and his transformation into a man.

world of color 3

Mickey Mouse by Paradise Bay

The music  picks up tempo, the water begins dancing happily, and the World of Color song begins to play. While this is happening, characters from the show and ones who were not shown are displayed. The show comes to an end with a big bang!  Awesome, huh?

Now the hard part comes in deciding which of these two nighttime spectaculars are the best. Of course, everyone has their opinions. Fantasmic! seems to be more interactive, with live characters, it feels more so like an entertaining show. World of Color on the other hand is beautiful in the sense that it captivates you with it’s music and delicate scenes from our beloved animated movies.

I can say while watching Fantasmic!, I feel attached to the hero, Mickey. I root for him and become scared for him. Fantasmic has a story line to follow. The guests become a part of Mickey’s nightmare. World of Color is a series of prominent animated movies combined into one show with awesome, familiar movies and brilliant color and lighting schemes. It can also be a romantic show, since a lot of elements suggest the romance side of Disney.

Both of these brilliantly done shows offer something unique that make them fun and exciting to watch. Which one is better? Well, I guess it all depends on what you are looking for that particular night! Looking for romance and beautiful colors? See World of Color at Paradise Bay! In the mood for action and adventure? Then hop on over to Rivers of America to see Fantasmic!

world of color 5

“The world is a carousel of color! A rainbow of imagination! A red rolling sea. A red summer rose. A sunset in the sky. Beauty, in told, is ours to behold, to dazzle your mind and your eyes!” –World of Color


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