Disney Villains We (Hate to) Love

Hey dreamers, Kellz here!

Every great hero and heroine needs an equally great counterpart. Villains are usually the foil to the protagonist in a story. They are usually there to thwart the plans of the hero, to jeopardize the mission and place the hero or heroine in harm’s way.
Villains are despicable, they are malicious, mean and downright no-good! They usually harm innocent people and their punishment at the hands of the hero is, at times, not adequate. Then why is it that we have such a strong fascination with them?
In our opinion, some villains are more memorable than the stars of the story. They have elaborate outfits and even more elaborate schemes. They are usually wittier, have swank accents, and are all-around “cooler” than the heroes, at times.

Let’s face it, villains are, for the most part, pretty cool! They are hilarious, they are cunning, and, if it weren’t for the star of the show, they would probably get their way.
Call us what you want, but here are some of our favorite Disney villains, in no particular order.


“If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!” Anakin “Darth Vader” Skywalker went from good guy to bad guy back to good guy.
In A New Hope (1977) Vader is introduced as the ultimate evil in the galaxy. This dark clad Sith, with his trademark red light saber and easily recognizable breathing pattern, is one of two villains children can face off against at Jedi Training in Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. So bad guy, good guy, eh, you decide!


Gaston is, in our opinion, Disney’s archetypal “bro”: he is a brawny, womanizing jerk. He is the main villain from Beauty and the Beast (1991) set on marrying Belle and dead-set on destroying the Beast. He is the town hero, valued for his handsomeness and daring, and is the envy of the men in the town, for his masculinity and hunting prestige.
Gaston is one of our favorite villains because his narcissist ways and conceited mystique never fails to receive a laugh. Perhaps it’s because we all know a “Gaston” in real life.



When it comes to pure evil Maleficent hits it on the nail- or should we say the “spindle”? Who else can turn into a fire-breathing dragon and challenge Mickey in the finale of Disney’s greatest nighttime spectacular?

If it wasn’t for Prince Mickey- er I meant Prince Phillip- Aurora might’ve been Sleeping Beauty forever!


Hades has got to be as “villain” as it gets (I mean, come on, the guy’s name is “Hades”)! The witty, smooth talking lord of the underworld heats things up when he attempts to forever keep Meg’s soul from Hercules. Too bad Pain and Panic didn’t get every drop out of that baby bottle to baby Hercules or Hades would’ve won.

Oh, and for those real Disney aficionados, there is an episode of House of Mouse where Hades and Maleficent hooks up. Now go scour your movie libraries for it!


Though we aren’t quite sure exactly WHERE he got his doctorate from, this voodoo bad guy has some pretty cool lines and one awesome song number! Although he did “squish” our favorite little firefly Ray, the good doctor is still our favorite villain from the Crescent City!



The Sea Witch! As a child watching The Little Mermaid (1989), Ursula’s song Poor Unfortunate Souls was a favorite that always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Not only does she deceive the naïve Ariel into trading her voice for a pair of legs, she also attempts to steal her prince! Well, as we all know, the villain never gets away. She didn’t get the “point” right away, but she got it eventually!


Disney’s first villain is, by far one of the evilest! Not only is she the first villain from a Disney movie she also committed the first (and, arguably, the greatest) sin: Envy! Brought to life by actress Lana Parrilla in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the evil queen is wicked- and more attractive- than ever. I’ll take a bite of that apple!



If the other villains are pure evil, Kronk, from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) and The Emperor’s New School (2006- ) TV series is so childlike he’s almost adorable! His alliance with disgraced adviser Yzma, however, makes him a villain by affiliation. Nevertheless, we still love Kronk for his pure silliness (a combination of Gaston and Goofy!), his internal dialogues, and his ability to speak squirrel (“squeaker, squeak, squeak, squeakin”).



We’re sure animal rights activist and dog lovers of all kinds will agree with us that Cruella is one of Disney’s most heinous villains. Who else would murder innocent puppies for fashion? However, with all her flaws, there is something about this long cigarette-smoking diva that holds our fascination. What could it be?



Scar killed Mufasa…For that alone he should receive the most severe of punishments. However, we’d be lying if we said the suave, manipulative lion wasn’t charismatic and charming, albeit unmistakably wicked!

Did you find your favorite villains listed above? Leave a comment and let us know who your favorite villain is and why!


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