And Let the Games Begin!

I am sure many of you have all played board games…BUT have you played them with the Disney versions? No? Well you are in luck! I am here to tell you about some of the cool Disney version games that I have had the pleasure to play.

1)      Disney Monopoly: Yes, a Disney version of the beloved family game, Monopoly! It is fun and the board features all of your favorite Disney movies too. Two classics have come together to create such a magnificent game! Keep in mind there are different types of Disney Monopoly. There are the Theme Park Editions and the Disney Editions. All are exciting and magical. Included in the game, they each have neat collectible playing pieces, which any Disney fan will be thrilled to have.

disney monopoly



2)      Disney Apples to Apples: I recently bought this game because my 8 year old sister cannot play the original Apples to Apples. I must say this is a fun game with the original but the Disney version is just as good! Perfect for families that have younger children, Disney Apples to Apples provides just as much laughter and silliness. There is a twist with this game, however, so be sure to read the directions! It features all the beloved Disney characters, movies, and of course theme parks! It is a Disney fan must have!

3)      Disney Sorry!: This game just offers a pinch of Disney. The rules are still the same, with added Disney characters. I would get this game if you are a Disney fan and would like to have the Disney version to this game.

4)      Disney Uno: I love this game! The numbers are misplaced with Disney characters. As if it couldn’t get any magical, it comes with a card holder that features a TinkerBell button. When you push her, she creates music and lights! It makes the Uno experience more exciting, surprising, and magical!

5)      Disney Pictionary: Now being the artist in my family, I simply adore Pictionary. When I found out they had a Disney version, I had to have it!  It is the same rules, but of course with added Disney magic! Draw your favorite Disney things, characters, and more! A nice collection to your Disney games!

6)      Disney Scene It games: I have about 5 variations of the Disney versions and I absolutely love it! It is appropriate for all ages and a great family fun game. I love playing this game with people who love and know Disney just as much as I do because trust me, you will get into it. It is a board game but it comes with a DVD, which is needed to play the game. It is the ultimate trivia game. Any Disney fan will be proud to own one of these games!

disney scene it



Okay, so what if you aren’t into the old fashion board games? Well I didn’t forget about you! I have played Disney video games as well! Here are the ones I have had the chance to play.

1)      Disneyland Kinect: Excellent game by far! If you own a Xbox Kinect, buy this game! Although it may seem geared towards kids, any Disney fan, shoot anybody, would love this! With today’s technology, they were able to create the world of Disneyland and bring it to life, right in your living room! Go on different rides, which features cool levels; dance with the Disney Princesses; hug and get an autograph from your pal, Mickey; fight with Pirates; escape from a Haunted Mansion; and watch the Firework show! This game is a must for any Disney fan. I play it all the time, especially when I miss Disneyland!

disneyland kinect



2)      Epic Mickey 1 and 2: I have only played the first one for a while but from what I played, I liked it! It is a video game, available for both Playstation and Xbox. On the first one, journey with Mickey through a magical world. The second, The Power of Two, introduces Oswald, Mickey’s trusted buddy. They are both fun, although many say it didn’t do so well. I recommend trying it, it may be your kind of game.

epic mickey


Well I hope this was helpful! Now get out there and try some of these games! If you happen to know more exciting Disney games, please feel free to share! I would love to play more!


“What is done cannot be undone, but what is left to be done should not be left undone.”

Mickey Mouse


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